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EASiHE Assembly

Higher learning skills and good feedback

Thank you to the EASiHE team for organising a very interesting, informative and enjoyable workshop on Wednesday 10th February.

The workshop was attended by colleagues from Southampton University, including Trevor Bryant from the e-Assignment project, Robin Drinkwater from the ASSET project, University of Reading, and Roy Williams from the University of Portsmouth.

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss and agree good practice for creating formative assessments for higher order learning skills that give outstanding, computer generated feedback.

Before lunch there were three presentations from:

Lester Gilbert – Theoretical underpinnings

Bill Warburton – Assessing higher order skills

Veronica Gale – Practical aspects of formative assessment of higher order skills

All three presentations prompted stimulating questions and discussion.

After lunch we participated in group work, led by Veronica Gale, in which we were asked to critically evaluate some example e-assessment questions and suggest principles for good practice. This was a very worthwhile activity, which generated a lot of discussion and allowed plenty of time for exchange of ideas and thinking.

The workshop ended with a presentation from David Bacigalupo, about assessing large numbers of students (up to 300) at Warwick and Edinburgh Universities, and providing feedback within one day. As David pointed out, time for assessment is an issue for tutors, particularly in research led universities.

EASiHE will be producing a publication on good practice in formative e-assessment to which the outcomes of this assembly will contribute.

Jenny Mackness

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