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UPDATE to TEL-WFD (UWIC) Assembly: Gathering and Presenting Evidence for Impact and Sustainability

Date: January 10th 2010, 10.30 – 4.00
UWIC TELWFD Assembly with Elluminate revised programme includes Elluminate instructions

Venue: UWIC Llandaff  Campus, Western Avenue, Cardiff, CF5 2YB.
[Sessions will also be accessible online via Elluminate]

Host project: TEL-WFD (UWIC)

Partner project: WELL (Bradford)

Contact person: Richard Staniforth (rstaniforth@uwic.ac.uk)

The focus the Assembly is on the scope for maximising the impact and enhancing the sustainability of our projects by making best use of evidence of achievement whether derived directly through formal evaluation or other evidence of the value of project outputs.

UPDATED PROGRAMME including Elluminate sessions

10.30:  Registration, Coffee and croissants

10.45 : Introduction: Order of the day

11.00: Keynote: Rachel Harris of Inspire Research Glasgow – Maximising Impact, assembling and leveraging the evidence base

Elluminate Session 1100 -1145

11.45: Effective Practice, Evaluation and Reflection 1 – TEL-WFD UWIC: Compelling  Reasons.   Jeff Lewis uses his experience of the application of web conferencing technology for developing the teaching of practical skills to dental laboratory technicians to illustrate the development of a persuasive case for sustainment. This session involves a practical demonstration for attendees.


12.30: Andrew Haldane – Benefits Analysis-a practical exercise designed to help with, for example the preparation of a “pitch” to senior management or in d the introduction to a more detailed paper presenting the case for sustainment.

Elluminate 1230-1300

13.00: LUNCH

13.30: WELL project- Bradford University Effective Practice, Evaluation and Reflection 2.
Ibrar Butt/Peter Chatterton review how evaluation findings underpin the development of a rationale, strategy and plan for sustaining and embedding the project outcomes throughout the sector.

Elluminate 1330-14.15

14.15: Andrew Haldane and David lloyd: Reflective exercise illustrating a simple process for capturing and structuring the experiential lessons-learned from a project for use in dissemination outputs. This session is a workshop with attendees.

14,45: Peter Chatterton:   Making best use of the JISC Guide to Sustaining and Embedding Innovations

Elluminate 1445-15.45

15.30: Rachel Harris:   Review of the day

Elluminate session ends 15.45

15.45: Tea Coffee Welsh Cakes and networking wrap-up

The aim of this assembly includes capturing and communicating effectively this evidence in order to demonstrate the benefits of sustaining and replicating our work.  Less tangible, but nonetheless useful, benefits may also be derived by reflecting upon and disseminating  the experiential  learning that can help us and others to build upon the foundations that we have laid during the lifetime of our projects.

Our invited speaker is Dr Rachel Harris of Inspire Research Ltd. Rachel is currently working with JISC providing evaluation support to the Curriculum Design and Delivery projects. The Delivery projects are coming to the end of their two-year funding, and Rachel will draw relevant parallels with how those projects are seeking to maximise their impact.

Short sessions on how the TEL-WFD and WELL projects have addressed these issues will aim to stimulate debate and Peter Chatterton will lead a session on making best use of the JISC Guide to Sustaining and Embedding Innovations. The programme has some flexibility so if any other intending participants have in mind a short input that could stimulate discussion around this theme please let us know.

We plan to include two short practical exercises, one on the effective communication of project benefits and the other a snapshot reflection for capturing key lessons-learned, structured as: What went well? Why did it succeed (and what evidence do we have)? If you were to start again, what would you do differently? What have you learned that is specific to your project?  And Words of Wisdom- reflections of value to others.

We will aim to “harvest” the contributions of all participants in order produce a synthesis of the various inputs to the event. If you are interested in making a specific contribution or in  joining us, either  in person or face to face, or should you simply need more information then  please  contact Richard Staniforth ; rstaniforth@uwic.ac.uk . If you are planning to travel by car please note that spaces are limited. Please try let us know in good time as visitor spaces will be reserved on a first come first served basis.

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