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CPD-Eng Assembly on ID Management (Trusted Relationships): 19 May

Venue: Aston Business School, Birmingham, B4 7ET
(2 minute walk from Aston Lakeside Conference Centre – see Map)
When: Thursday 19 May 2011 from 10.00 – 3.30
Please complete the registration form.

ID Management issues
Throughout the CPD-Eng project, the question of management of personal data and identity has been a constant topic: How does one manage it, and how do we understand the issues and risks of using electronic systems to store and handle our personal data?

Although systems can be created with high levels of security, the onus is on the individual to manage these systems correctly and fully understand the possible outcomes. As institutions how can we solve these problems and create system to assist the user in their management of personal data? Perhaps we should apply elementary principles of good system design :

  • Keep data separated from code, data from programme.
  • Keep personal data storage separated from the services exploiting them.

The solution to the management of personal data is perhaps in the dis-aggregation of the currently large and vulnerable silos of personal data and their re-aggregation around the individuals into personal data stores.  It is not the construction of thicker and higher walls around vulnerable silos that can create the conditions for more trustworthy Internet: it is a radical reorganisation of the distribution of personal data around the individual, under his/her control. These are issues that the CPD-Eng project have discussed during scoping and team meetings and look forward to the  opportunity  to discuss further these and other issues with other projects within an ‘assembly’ format.

David Sowden (CPD-Eng project manager)

Contact person: Patsy Clarke – SSBR team member (patsy@jisc-ssbr.net)

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