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MEAoT Assembly Report

Avi Naim writes about their project’s recent assembly at Cambridge University Participants We had 13 participants, mostly from within Cambridge University. They included computer officers and teaching office administrators, who are all users of the Teaching Office Database (TODB) software. In addition we were delighted to host Dr. Cecilia Loureiro-Koechlin (representing the JISC BRII project) [...]

MEAOT Assembly – December 10th

The assembly will focus on teaching administration software and especially on different distribution models of such software. At 4pm following the end of the assembly there will be a visit to the nearby Fitzwilliam Museum to see the exhibition entitled “Hidden Depths” which features works by Sargent, Sickert and Spencer. Further details are in this [...]

MEAoT at the BRII Assembly

Introduction Modular E-Administration of Teaching (MEAoT) is a JISC-funded project in the Institutional Innovation programme, run as a joint venture between the Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies (CARET) and the departments of Engineering and Physics, at the University of Cambridge. The BRII project hosted an assembly in Oxford on 9 June 2009 to [...]

BRII Assembly 9 June 2009

Oxford University was once again the venue for the Programme when it hosted BRII’s assembly on 9 June 2009. Also attending, amongst others, were John King, CAIRO, Stuart McQuade, SLAP, Sunil Rodgers, IDMAPS, Anne-Sophie de Baets, Academic Social Networking and Mathew Jones, e-Admin of Teaching. Sally Rumsey of BRII hosted the ‘stakeholder buy-in’ themed event [...]